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(Start, Grow and Monetize Your YouTube Channel)

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make Serious Money by Starting and Growing a YouTube Channel

Look at Instagram for instance ,as if the feed was not enough , they brought in stories ,as if that wasn’t enough, they Brough IGTV.The majority of the kind of content you consume here are videos -Hillsong , , BrodaShaggy, Lasisiselenu, Josh2funny even top brands you follow are putting up amazing video content with compelling storylines.

Do you know that after Google Search owning the number one spot for most number of searches carried out daily , YouTube is the next. Let me feed you with some stats:

– Over 50,000 YouTube videos are viewed every seconds
– An average person watches 40minutes of YouTube Video content daily
– An average of 1,000,000 videos views per day on Mobile
– 8 out of 10 18-49 years old watch YouTube averagely in a month

This stats show you that there is a market to be reached on YouTube. Howbeit, you cannot do this without effectively learning how to do so. Have you ever imagined how much Emmanuela and mark angel make from there YouTube Videos ?

Do you know Pastors with high followings and Views are paid consistently on YouTube. Do you know even make up artist and cooks are paid on YouTube for what they teach ?

DABA has decided to help out with YouTube Mastery Course to give you a step by step guide on how to make serious money on YouTube even if you are camera shy

–  What You Can Do With YouTube  –

Sport Reviews

Toy Reviews

Comedy Skits


Cover Popular Songs

Celebrity Gist

Tech Reviews


Makeup Tutorials

Sex Education

Game Reviews

Movie Reviews


Why take this course

– Start a channel from ground zero
– Create high quality videos
– Gain starting views
– Generate subscribers exponentially
– Become familiarized with the YouTube platform
– Capable of optimizing YouTube Titles, Tags, Descriptions, and Thumbnails
– Successfully grow your brand
– Effectively improve through use of analytics
– Generate serious money from your YouTube Channel
– Ultimately know the BEST practices for creating and growing a SUCCESSFUL YouTube channel




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