…disrupting today, Creating the future

The Digital Abundance brand has been a converging point for education and wealth. For us, it is a near-spiritual calling to shepherd people towards greener pastures planted and tended by them. As industry leaders, we use the internet and emerging technologies to set the pace in the African edtech and fintech space. From pioneering online education in Africa through DABA to launching CryptoLife Capital, Africa’s first crypto investment fund, we keep dishing out the sweet taste of financial freedom to the world.

For us, it is a near-spiritual calling to shepherd people towards greener pastures .

For Digital Abundance, entrepreneurship is not only a means to a financial end; it is the way we create the world we desire. Our brands, like gallant soldiers, are primed for one mission: disrupting today, creating the future. And together they form one big family: Digital Abundances.


How it all started

In 2017, the visionary Chris Ani was inspired to give many the opportunity to gain financial freedom through digital skills. This birthed the company, Digital Abundance, with the vision to help people in developing nations create wealth using education (edtech), finance (fintech), and other emerging technology.  Against the backdrop of this vision, Digital Abundance has been on a journey to fulfill its mission of leveraging the internet and emerging technologies to create wealth for people in these developing nations. Digital Abundance company didn’t emerge as a holding company with five subsidiaries. It grew over time.

Chris Ani CEO, Digital Abundance

“The Internet provides the greatest platform and opportunities for wealth creation all over the world “

Why we exist

We amplify the African voice

“No longer would developing nations be relegated to the background when it comes to edtech and fintech. “

The world needs us

“We understand that there are gaps in the educational and financial system only we can fill. “

We have the future’s blueprint

“The future belongs to those who spot the trend, take advantage of the trend, and create with the trend. ”

Our goal is to develop people

Creating value for people is what drives our business.Build a person and you are building a community, a continent, and a country.


Executive Leadership

Digital Abundance is piloted by a team of professionals unified by their desire
for creativity and a passion to create a better future for others.

Adefunke Adetule

Human Resources Manager

Stephanie Ronald Beecroft

Head of Operations

Blessing Michael Ani

Head of Administration

Momoh Sule

Legal adviser

Adedamola Adewale

Head of Product

Nnenna Udonsi

Human Resources Manager

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