The crypto platform disrupting traditional investing

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About Cryptolife Capital

Launched in 2021, CryptoLife Capital is Digital Abundance’s second crypto company primed to disrupt traditional investment methods and change the way people approach investing. CryptoLife Capital is a crypto asset portfolio investment and management platform committed to helping investors — individuals and institutions — gain passive income and build long-term wealth through the crypto market. The company presents a simpler way for clients to invest in the crypto market without going through the hassles of learning how to do it. The company provides exposure to price movements of a diversified mix of crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and large- and small-cap innovative digital projects.It has proven to be one of the best performing funds in the history of digital asset management in Africa. The company is committed to ensuring that investors enjoy profitability and capital protection. It runs several investment packages to offer investors exposure to the market and help them gain passive income. The company invests in publicly-traded crypto assets with meaningful liquidity in top crypto exchanges around the world. CryptoLife Capital has managed over $3 million in crypto assets and has paid over $1 million in 2021 alone.