The tech platform positioning children for greatness, wealth and influence

We are people who passionately believe in the power of the internet and emerging technology to drive economic and social change.

About Daba Kids

This is Digital Abundance’s way of heeding the instructional catchphrase, “Catch them young.” DABA Kids is an innovative platform where children can learn digital and life skills to solve problems and create wealth. The goal is to feed children with the knowledge of the future and position them for greatness, wealth, and influence.It is an online technology platform that uses animation, video games, Web3, Metaverse and the internet to teach kids and teenagers skills of the future to position them for greatness, wealth and influence. The community-centric platform enables children to put their curiosity and fascination for the digital into good use. It is a digital platform where children can have fun learning and earning. It is for that 12-year-old graphic designer. That 10-year-old girl flying her drone and capturing the fascinating architecture of her city. That boy who wants to own digital estates in the Metaverse. That teenage millionaire creating and selling NFTs worth thousands to millions of dollars. With DABA Kids, children can learn, earn, and have fun at the same time. Also, parents and guardians can give their children a voice to participate in the ongoing conversations in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.